5 Best Fashion Exhibitions All Over the World

You do not need an unlimited budget or a stylish wardrobe to appreciate high fashion. To do so, you can simply visit an art museum. Museums all over the world have curated exhibitions featuring the most innovative, forward-thinking designers. Here are five extraordinary fashion exhibitions that recently opened.

Balenciaga, Shaping Fashion– Victoria and Albert Museum, London
Thru February 2018

An inside look at the Balenciaga exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Curator Cassie Davies-Strodder took a year and a half to collect the best Balenciaga pieces from all over the world. It includes ruffled flamenco-inspired dresses, beaded evening gowns, exclusive photos and hand-written notes from the late Balenciaga. One would expect nothing less from an exhibition of the house that influenced designers like Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen. According to’s Scarlett Conlon, the exhibition will be a “euphoric celebration of the master of them all.”

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