Bella Hadid Talks About Nike and Style

The Nike “Cortez” sneaker has been a long time symbol of Los Angeles culture and style.  Originally introduced during the 1970s, the “Cortez” sneaker is getting Bella Hadid as its new ambassador, joining a string of insta-models representing athletic wear brands.  “It’s so crazy that I have the opportunity to do runway, to do Victoria’s Secret, and now be able to switch over and do sports as well,” the 20 year-old model said to  According to more than “175 fans-customers” came to the LA mall, The Grove, to see Bella Hadid and ask her questions.  The model admitted how her hometown of Los Angeles has been a huge influencer to her style, making her even more excited to being doing a Nike campaign, “you look around and you see the dopest girls, the dopest guys, the sickest style, every single day.”  Bella goes even further talking about her style.  Since the “Cortez” sneaker was created in the 1970s, Hadid also revealed how her style is influence by the decade, admitting to being a heavy bell-bottom collector.

OG Nike Cortez????????❤️

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But perhaps what Bella is most excited about when it comes to working with Nike, is that it is not like working with other high-fashion brands.  “It’s very fun, you can just mess around, do what you want to do. It’s looser, it’s fun, it’s cool. With fashion campaigns, it’s a lot about making sure the clothes look incredible. It’s not about you, it’s more about what the clothes look like on you. And with this, it’s about being active, it’s about being excited.”

Yahoo style as named the Nike Cortez sneaker, “the sneaker of the summer.”  With Bella Hadid being the face of the 45th anniversary of the shoe, and with other models and fashion bloggers stepping into the shoe trend, this may come as no surprise.  The low rise sneaker can match with anything and is a statement of rebellion in LA culture.  Hadid mentions to W magazine “This one is about as classic as you can get. Nike’s real OG and I wear it with anything—dressed up or down.”  This original sneaker is about to get a serious comeback.

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