Can Kendall Jenner Possibly Be Making Fanny Packs Happen Again?

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It’s no doubt that Kendall Jenner is a icon in this fashion world but could she honestly bring back the fanny packs? Or is maybe her recent fling ASAP Rocky’s style rubbing off on her? We all know how huge of an influence Kanye West had on her sister Kim Kardashian. Perhaps Kendall and ASAP Rocky may be in it for the couple trend setting as well. We have to give her all of the credit she deserves because her rocking these fanny packs definitely persuades my outlook on them as well.

The “Out For Brunch” Fanny Look.

The “Day Out In The City” Fanny Look.

The “Running Errands” Fanny Look.

Whether it’s Louis Vuitton or Chanel, we’re here for it Kendall! She never disappoints. Now which celebrity will we see with the fanny packs next? Will it be the biggest upcoming trend or only a trend that Kendall can own?

The “Twinning Mom” Fanny Look Ft. Gigi.

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