Inside Balmain’s Exquisite Costumes for the Paris Opera

“Modernity meets classical, couture meets ballet”- Olivier Rousteing

Last Month Balmain Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing, announced his future collaboration with the iconic Paris Opera.  Now, Rousteing has finally revealed the costumes he has designed for the Paris Opera’s new ballet by Sébastien Bertraud.

“It is an amazing honor to work with the Paris Opera.  There are few institutions that embody so well the essence of French culture and creativity. Obviously, designing for the rigors and techniques of classical dance was a new challenge for me and my team–but it’s one that we very much enjoyed facing.”

No stranger to challenges, Rousteing, designed leotards with matching jackets adorned with jewels and studs.  One most praise Rousteing for designing such intricate costumes that still allow the dancers to move so easily and elegantly.  The Balmain costumes give the dancers a regal French look as they turn during their pirouettes.

The Paris Opera’s new ballet, Renaissance, will premiere today (06/13/17) and will be on stage until June 18th.  Scroll down to take a look at Balmain’s amazing costumes on these talented dancers.

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