Lanvin Continues to See Sales Drop Since Firing Alber Elbaz

The French Brand is Suffering After the Firing of their Former Creative Director

When Moroccan-Israeli designer, Alber Elbaz, was let go from Lanvin as its creative director in 2015 it came as a shock to all.  This was someone whose designs had become iconic through out red-carpets and editorials since 2001, a favorite designer among actresses such as Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman.  Nevertheless, Lanvin’s board and shareholders continued with their decision to remove the Elbaz from the French brand.  Now almost two years later, Lanvin is seeing a massive decrease in sales.

Former Lanvin Creative Director, Alber Elbaz

According to reports that the brand was suffering came before Elbaz was let go, and it was believed that his removal would help the brand return to success.  Yet, ever since Elbaz was fired Lanvin has only gone farther away from the success the brand has been chasing after.  Lanvin’s new creative director, Bouchra Jarrar’s, designs have not been well received as they play against Lanvin’s usual feminine designs.

Current Lanvin Creative Director, Bouchra Jarrar

British news agency, Reuters, claims that Lanvin’s sales fell by 23 percent to only €162 million ($182 million). An astounding drop from Lanvin’s golden year 2012, which €235 million in sales.  Estimates also reveal that the brand’s sales will continue to drop at enormous percent losses.  Lanvin’s loss in sales has become so worrisome that the same shareholders who removed Alber Elbaz are now backing away from any attempts to invest and revive the Lanvin brand.  Lanvin has taken other measures to renew its success.  For instance, the brand is now working with firm Long Term Partners to close a number of stores and as well as starting a “leather goods line for fashion outlets.”  However, the brand’s move to start a leather goods line does concern employees and Lanvin fans that the line will cheapen the french brand.

Right now, it seems that Lanvin is doing everything the brand can do to return to the iconic Lanvin we know and love.

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