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Since 2000, has been reinvented, relaunch, and moved to different companies a number of times.  Last year, however, Condé Nast, announced that it would be venturing into relaunching the e-commerce website  The website was the source for fashion news, runway reviews, and trends.  Now, less than a year since its revival has closed.  Since Tuesday, now directs to, a global luxury fashion platform that has partnered with Condé Nast.

There are not many details on what type of content will be releasing.  Although, a press release stating that website will have some shopping guides provided by Condé Nast did come out. As well, Farfetch’s founder and CEO, José Neves, did comment to Refinery29.

“We have long felt that inspirational content is a natural part of any luxury shopping experience. In the same way as we empower the fashion industry and connect consumers with the world’s best brands and boutiques, we want to connect them with outstanding content. This global partnership with Condé Nast will significantly augment the retail experience for our customers, and we see it as a natural step in Farfetch’s approach to commerce and our strategic vision to connect those who create fashion, curate fashion and develop fashion content.”

To some people the end to the short-termed does not come as a surprise.  Despite having street style star, Yasmin Sewell, as the sites Fashion Director and a $100 million investment plan from Condé Nast, the website’s launch date was pushed back a year in the UK and never launched in the US.  What will happen to Yasmin Sewell and the rest of’s employees is up in the air, although it is assumed that some have the opportunity to work with the new site.  Right now, all eyes are on


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