Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume: Gender-Neutral Fragrances

With the recent closures of Bebe, American Apparel and the bankruptcy of PacSun, shopping malls are becoming increasingly obsolete. The remaining mass retailers must alter their business models to survive.

For Abercrombie & Fitch, this means eliminating their fragrance, Fierce, the scent of wood and citrus that once permeated the store and its clothing.

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The scent will be replaced by three new gender-neutral fragrances called Ellwood, Hempstead and Ryder. These might sound like the names of classic Abercrombie jeans, but they represent big changes for the store.

Unlike its musty, overpowering predecessor, Ellwood will be light and airy and will smell like clean sheets. According to, 25 percent less of the fragrance will be sprayed in stores.

The new scent is just a part of the long string of changes to Abercrombie’s rebranding. The store recently obliterated its “moose” logo, its dark lighting, and its risqué ads to create a more inclusive atmosphere.

“We are working to build a new A&F for the twenty-somethings,” said Abercrombie’s president, Stacia Anderson. They are super passionate about who they are and what they want from us. They’re independent, confident. They know their style and we want to be part of their lives.”

The scents, which are currently only sold in UK stores, will be available online starting July 31 and retail for $68.

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