How to Create Gucci Custom Sneakers

The patch-mania trend that is on the shelves of fast fashion retailers today was pioneered by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele in last year’s spring collection. The line featured skirts embroidered with red rose patches and ties embroidered with lady bug patches.

These adornments are now available on a customizable sneaker.

Gucci’s Stan-Smith-inspired “Ace” sneaker is white leather and contains red and navy stripes on the side like its traditional counterparts, and comes with two removable patches fastened to the tongue with metal snaps.

The shoe comes with a UFO patch and a dragon patch, but consumers who want to be more unique can purchase other versions such as a rainbow-shaped patch with the word “love,” a bow made out of pearls, and a crystal bumblebee.

Patches range from $200-$350, and the basic Ace sneaker sells for $695. All are available online and in select Gucci stores.

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