Nike Launches Flyknit FE/NOM Bra, its Lightest Bra Yet

The ever-flexible, aerodynamic Nike Flyknit sneaker was released during the London Olympics in 2012, and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Five years later, the company is incorporating the same textile into its clothing. Today, the company launched the FE/NOM sports bra.

After questioning women about their ideal sports bra, Nike’s design team determined that women prioritize the following aspects: support, durability and style. The design team decided that incorporating Flyknit materials would allow them to target these consumer needs.

Nike designers and engineers spent more than 600 hours testing materials on women of different shapes and sizes and even used digital body scans to determine where women sweat and moved the most.

Sydney Leroux, a soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, sports the Nike FE/NOM bra. Image:

Whereas the typical Nike bra might contain wires and up to 40 different panels of fabric, the FE/NOM contains only two panels and is composed of a flexible nylon and spandex yarn. It is also 30 percent lighter than any other Nike bra.

“The goal of the Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra was maximum support and comfort that would allow women to feel and look amazing while doing anything they choose,” said Nike’s senior bra innovation designer, Nicole Rendone.

The bra will be available for the next 48 hours on the Nike+ app. If you miss this exclusive sale, you will have to wait until October for it to hit stores.

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