Whitaker Malem Plans, Wonder Woman Costume Designers

Whitaker Malem, the designer behind Wonder Woman leather designs is this season’s break-out english brand.

Whitaker Malem created leather armor for Diana – Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons.

One of the partners of the brand Keir Malem said:

“Wonder Woman is our calling card at the moment.”

Both partners – Malem and Whitaker have been working on the more leather armor for the movie “Aquaman”. The movie is coming out in December 2018.

Lindy Hemming commissioned Wonder Woman designs.

“We were allowed to go close to the body and do sexy armor, which is unusual, as a lot of armor is massive,” Mr. Malem said.




The designers have been approached by Rihanna’s stylist to borrow the corset for her collaboration with Choppard.

Donatella Versace was inspired by Wonder Woman look in the recent couture collection.

The designers have started a fashion house dedicated to leather in 1988 but have had struggles of fashion designers. They have been collaborating with other designers like Alexander McQueen and Tommy Hilfiger. Now that Wonder Woman has put them on the map of designers creating amazing leather pieces, the designers are focusing on fine art.

“We hope that the people who think this Wonder Woman stuff is cool are going to want to have it on their walls when we sell it.”

“We’re going to show the Wonder Woman Barbie dolls because they are so accurate, but not in their boxes…in a cool, slightly ironic way to celebrate the pop art side of things,” said Whitaker.

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