The RompHim Is Back, And Hopefully Better Than Ever

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With a new collection, it looks the RompHim is back and better than ever(?)

According to Mic, the Kickstarter fashion brand is launching the RompHim 2.0, which includes richer and more wearable prints, and size inclusivity, with garments available in up sizes XL, (XXL styles are in the works). Daniel Webster-Clark, co-founder of ACED Design, which is responsible for RompHim, told Mic that first impressions are important, and they missed the ball a bit.

Great to see our early adopters from Kickstarter out there living their best #romplife this weekend. Romp On!

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“While our Kickstarter marketing materials accurately captured a few of our core principles,” he said “…it failed to accurately reflect all of our founders’ values as well as what we hope our brand will stand for, especially with respect to inclusivity and how we aspire to provide all types of individuals with a means of self-expression.”

Webster-Clark explained that they started working with new manufacturing partners to expand and experiment with different styles and detailing in hopes to transition between seasons and gain new fans of the brand.

RompHim: the best way to stand out at music festivals since 2017 #lollapalooza #romplife

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“We think that these six newest styles will bring in a whole new set of people interested in romping for the first time as summer ends and fall begins,” he continued. “As we’ve learned, RompHim season never ends.”

The new styles include jungle print, tree print, cactus print, green oxford, blue oxford and black chambray. With 4,500 RompHims sold so far, according to Webster-Clark, the brand can expect some mild success with this launch.

The new collection drops Sept. 5, whether we like it or not.

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