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Misfit Ray – Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit is a fashionable way to track your activity, sleep, calories, get alerts and reminders, and much more.

Misfit Ray that I got to review comes in different colors and you can choose from the range of bands and bangles to fit your style and mood.

Misfit is light and looks good when stacked with bracelets. It looks stylish and is not as bulky as the other fitness trackers.

It takes a few minutes to set it up. To start tracking your activity, all you need is to insert three batteries and download the app. The only thing that took a bit of time was inserting the batteries since the base is almost as narrow as the battery. If one falls on the wrong angle, it’s very hard to take out and re-insert.

Once the batteries are in, all you need is an app. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. After following instructions, the fitness is ready to use.

What’s great about this tracker is that you don’t even have to charge it, the batteries will last for about 4-6 months. I also like the fact that you can swim with it.

Once the tracker is on, you get a cute light showing that it’s up and running. You can customize the tracker according to your lifestyle, set goals to run, walk or swim and it counts your calories.

It’s a great accessory for fashionistas on the go who are not looking to wear a computer on their wrists but prefer elegant fitness trackers and like to experiment with different bands to fit their style.

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