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Meet Our Favorite Travel and Fashion Instagrammer @Jessmegan

In a span of two years and over 500 posts later, Instagrammer @Jessmegan has earned herself over 19.9K followers and continue to inspire us and makes us all wish we were her travel companion. Besides her cute dimples and sun-kissed skin, we love her style, the adorable-ness with her and her boyfriend and the fact that she gets to travel all over the world.

Her Instagram page consists of beach bums, tan lines, surfboards, palm trees, nature and a bunch of things that makes us wish we were right there with her. Her style gives us a cool-girl bohemian vibe and her pictures just gives us a sense of wanderlust.

Keep reading below for an exclusive interview with @jessmegan

She's just a free spirit with sparkling eyes and open roads ahead. @billabongwomens ✨???? #thankful

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1. How did you first started your Instagram page and what/who inspired you?

I started using it a lot more when I went on a 4 months trip about two years ago in South East Asia. I was sharing my travel photos like everyone else who travels. I would say that one of my favorite travel account is @doyoutravel and @gypsielust, they share beautiful photos.

2. Who is your style icon and where do you draw your fashion inspiration from?

I don’t have a specific style icon but I like to keep it simple. An account that I’ve been following for a while now and that I love is @sincerlyjules, I love her style. Instagram also made me discover so many beautiful brands, it’s unbelievable. I started collaborating at first with June Swimwear, a Montreal Swim Company that I discovered few years ago and who fell in love with. I also have the opportunity to collaborate with Billabong and Sabo Skirt, which are both different from one another but I love both of the styles.

The blurred ???? in the background. @juneswimwear ⚡️ #australia

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3. How would you describe your own personal style?

I think I stand in between the simple girl that likes to wear boyfriend jeans with a white t-shirt but I’m also the one who falls in love with rompers and cute dresses. Basically, if I think it’s pretty, there’s 99.9% of chances I’ll buy it.

4. What would you say is the greatest satisfaction of being a fashion/travel Instagrammer?

I’m a normal girl from the North shore of Montreal, Canada, who likes to travel, like everyone else basically. I was inspired by travel accounts and I just hope I can inspire other people to follow their dreams and travel as much as they can while they can. Since I started using more Instagram, I got many opportunities like being an ambassador for different companies.

A year ago, I started as an ambassador with Surf Expedition, a Surf Travel Company in Central America who offered me a free surf trip to Nicaragua. Since then, I’m working as a Social Media Manager and I do some tasks in Marketing as well. Surprisingly, I met some amazing people through Instagram, inside and out, and some of them became good friends of mine.

5. Out of all the places you’ve traveled to, where is your most favorite place and why?

It’s funny because I had this conversation with my boyfriend two days ago. I would say that my favorite place to relax and reconnect with nature is Bali, my heart though is in the Philippines, but I would definitely live in Australia or in Bc, Canada (I know, it’s  raining a lot, but I love the mountains!)

One happy kid. ????❄⛷ @billabongwomens #POW #Whistler #beautifulbc

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6. Where are some of the places you plan to travel to?

I’m currently living in Australia for a couple of months, then my boyfriend and I will be heading to New Zealand, Fiji, and we’ll definitely be back in Bali. Other than that, Nepal and Norway are two dream destination for me.

7. Where do you tend to buy your clothes?

In Canada, most of the time I buy my clothes at Zara, Urban outfitters, topshop and H&M, but here in Bondi Beach there is too many beautiful shops, I can’t even say names (you’ll have to come and find it ;))

8. What do you spurge on?

It really depends… before I used to buy a lot of swimwear and shoes, but now, I honestly don’t know. I think I would say denim short jeans and rings (because I bought many the last 2 days here in Oz!)

9. What is the biggest challenge about maintaining your Instagram page?

I don’t really have a challenge maintaining my page because I post when I feel like it. The only thing I’m not so good at is answering messages on travel tips on Instagram. Sometimes I see it 3-4 days later but I’ll work on that :).

10. What is your advice for anyone who wants to start Fashion/Style/Travel Instagram page?

I don’t really have any advices except don’t force it. I never thought or had the idea of growing my Instagram page, « it just happened ». I kept sharing my travel photos because it’s what I love the most, and some other random photos of my everyday life (some outfits as well). The only thing that’s important is that you share what you love and continue to be yourself through this.

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