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Top Places to Travel to in 2017: Best Travel Destinations

If you’re a woman looking to drop everything this year, head to a new location on your own, that’s welcoming, and thriving with adventure, we’ve got the perfect places for you.

According to the Travel Channel, the following four places are perfect for a woman who is taking on new adventures without a travel companion. They suggest that while some of these places have different social norms for women, they are often home to friendly locals who may even offer a hot meal or two.


An area rich in culture, as an English nerd I can say that going just to take in the array of dialects would be an adventure on its own. Many say that India isn’t the easiest place to travel to as there are several customs one should know before they arrive. However, most have said that once you’ve braved this incredible place, and truly take in its beauty, traveling anywhere else becomes a piece of cake. Now if you find yourself missing western culture, the travel channel suggests that you try retreats and spiritual centers where you are likely to find fellow travelers taking in the beauty and culture of India.


Now, while Europe is usually the go to place for any backpacker/traveler of the world, Iceland isn’t really at the top of anyone’s general list. Well, it should be and we’ll tell you why. If you are a huge lover of nature, incredible scenery, and are willing to try at least one touristy experience like no other, you HAVE to head over to Iceland. While Iceland is one of the more expensive countries in Europe I think we can all agree that scenes like these are worth it:

Also, for a once in a lifetime experience, one of the more sought out attractions in Iceland is it’s famous Blue Lagoon. Watch their information video and you’ll be booking a flight there in minutes. I had to stop myself.


Vietnam, as stated on the travel channel is, “the most female-friendly travel destination in Southeast Asia.” It was also said that language barriers are a rare in big cities and larger towns as more and more Vietnamese have begun learning English at a young age. Again, a place known for it’s breathtaking scenery, Vietnam is an incredible place to travel to. The only difficulty would be coming to terms with the poverty that can be found in various areas. If you end up in Vietnam and want to do your part and volunteer, you can volunteer at an orphanage through the Global Volunteer Network.


Last but certainly not least traveling to Morocco should honestly be on anyones bucket list. A place filled with once in a lifetime experiences and culture that’ll have you wishing you could stay, Morocco is beauty. It’s suggested to, “Remember to respect local culture by keeping your arms and legs covered with pants, long skirts and long sleeves as most Moroccan women do (a head scarf, however, is not necessary anywhere in the country)” (travel channel).  

Check out this video by Refinery 29 of the allure of Tangier a city in Morocco.


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