5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Recipes

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Smoothie Bowls 

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Smoothie bowls hit the Internet in a huge way. Partially because they’re delicious and worthy of an Instagram post or 2. Made the right way, smoothie bowls are a great way to start your morning off with the right amount of nutrients and energy to keep you going all day. Check out the recipe for the image seen above on the

Village Bakery

Village Baker has a lot of amazing healthy options for breakfast with lots of recipes and tips. You will never be hungry with Village Bakery. Click here to get some awesome recipes. 

Stuff on Toast 

Let’s face it toast is probably the easiest go to breakfast idea out there. It’s simple and takes no more than 5 minutes to make. Add the right ingredients and you’ve got toast that could make your day. My favorite these days has been whole wheat toast, with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, topped with sliced strawberries. The vanilla almond butter really makes all the difference.

What’s great to add to the toast is almond butter. Not only it’s delicious, it also has lots of health benefits as it is high in protein, an excellent source of fiber and so much more. Helen from Health Ambition is doing a great job explaining the benefits.

Turkey Bacon Egg Cups

Photo: My Healthy Dish
Photo: My Healthy Dish

I’ve seen tons of people make these bacon breakfast cups but I think turkey bacon is pretty good too guys. Rather than eat all the bacon you can, we thought we’d offer a slightly better alternative. They’re quick, easy, and filling little cups. Check out the recipe on

Vegan Pancakes 

Photo: Sweet Simple Vegan
Photo: Sweet Simple Vegan

I have found the holy grail of pancakes. Let’s face it, pancakes are just too good to live without. If you, like many others, are ready to start a healthier life but find yourself craving pancakes; we’ve got you covered. In this recipe covered by the Sweet Simple Vegan, all you need is 3 ingredients. She even gives a recipe for vegan berry maple syrup!

Egg Muffins

One of the most common ingredients when you think of breakfast is, eggs. So of course we’d include them in this post. Eggs are a great source of protein and are pretty filling. However, scrambled eggs can get pretty dull and while I love turkey bacon, sometimes it’s better to incorporate some veggies rather than meat. This recipe provided by  is pretty incredible. These egg muffins are packed with delicious veggies and is a perfect on-the-go breakfast. Oh, and it’s only 50 calories.

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