Burger King Now Sells Adult Happy Meals

For one day only, adults can relive a little childhood

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If a resident in Israel, then it’s their lucky day. For today only, adults 18 or older can now purchase an adult version of the fast food happy meal from Burger King they so loved when they were a kid.

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This adult happy meal offers two whoppers, two sides of french fries, 2 beers and a sex toy. The adult toy can range from a back scratcher to an eye mask based on the company’s commercial. The meal is then complete in a dark purple box and pink burger.

When customers first think of the fast food franchise, sex toys paired with a happy meal seems quite far from the mind. It almost doesn’t make sense.

Although it isn’t a lie. Leo Burnett, a spokesperson for the advertising agency confirmed it to Mashable when he said, “This is not a prank.” This is a Valentine’s Day inspired tactic that will potentially acquire more customers on the hallmarked holiday.

However, it’s only available after 6 p.m. on Feb. 14. So if a couple still doesn’t have any plans for the highly romantic day, then they can still celebrate with a little flashback of their childhood.


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