Starbucks Adds Ice Cream to the Menu

Finally a drink that will satisfy the caffeine and sweet tooth cravings

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Now a customer’s favorite things can be ordered all in one place, Starbucks. After a recent announcement from the company, Starbucks is testing out a new drink call affogato, which is espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.

The mix originates from Italy and is a sweet indulgence that allows for a caffeine fix at the same time. Priced at only $6.00, it’s like buying a grande Frappochino.

The successful coffee chain plans to test affogato in over 100 different locations in Orange County, California. On top of that, a more expensive option will also be served at locations such as L.A, Washington D.C., and Boston. At $8.50, the Cold Brew Malt, a mix of cold brew, vanilla ice cream and chocolate bitters will be sold.

The original Starbucks located in Seattle offered affogato last year and is said to be extremely popular. In fact, they also offered affogato-inspired Frappochinos according to Time.

Hopefully people will enjoy the sugary drink as much as the rest of their current menu items so that it can become the new “regular” option.

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