‘World War Z 2’ Movie Release Delayed

Fans of Brad Pitt will have to wait a little longer

Max Brooks attends the "World War Z" premiere in Times Square in New York City. © LAN

After several complications that occurred in the first original film, it’s almost no surprise that the movie World War Z 2 is following suit. Studio Paramount recently took the drama sequel off of the 2017 movie schedule.

The movie was supposed to have Brad Pitt return as the lead role and be released as early as June 9. However, once the original director J.A. Bayona left to work on Jurassic World 2, no one took his place and the production continued to fall behind schedule.


It is unclear what else is placing the sequel to be so delayed, but after major filming errors in the first movie, rewriting the script and changing the ending, it can be expected that the sequel has run into similar problems.

Even after the original film ran into several complications, it still came out with over $540 million at the box office, which is why a second movie idea came to light.

Although frustrating that Pitt won’t be seen in this sequel for some time, he is still expected to be seen in the movie War Machine. Other celebrity favorites such as Tilda Swinton and Anthony Michael Hall are set to take his side in another predicted hit production.

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