New Tinder Online: Is This The New Face Of Online Dating?

By this time next year, you’ll be able to get Tinder on your desktop.

Tinder has always had a place on our phones. It was an easy and addictive app that you was pull up on your screen and swipe away at like you would on any gaming app. With tens of millions of users, it was an incredibly easy game to play at and literally changed the way of modern dating.


Later this year, however, you will be able to get Tinder on your desktop too. Tinder online will look a lot like the mobile app with some major changes to the way you’ll swipe.
Tinder Online’s designers have made it easier for desktop users to use their keyboard by dragging or clicking on any prospective mates with a much more stronger inclination to have a conversation.
There will be a message board that encourages people to swipe less and talk more to others on the desktop app. It is a small change that, but with a massive shift for how many people you get to talk to.
While the mobile app is based on the individual and how they represent themselves on their profile, the online version of Tinder brings conversation to the forefront. An attempted that Tinder hopes will get more people to be less judgmental and more prepared to have authentic discussions with other users.


Undoubtedly, this will stir up a little bit of controversy as Tinder has had bad wrap for being known as “the hook-up” app. The Tinder Online hopes to venture away from that preconceived notion and make it easier for those who actually do seek to find love.

Written by Jon Miller

A caffeinated commentator obsessed with political pop culture and then writing about it. "Don't talk unless you can improve the silence.

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