What’s The Meaning Of April Fool’s Day?

Have you ever wondered what started it all?

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Tomorrow is April 1st, or April Fool’s Day. A day that people take joking way too far. So, while you check under your bed or in closet for any pop-up scares, have you ever wondered when this day of debauchery actually began.
Well is it a holiday that, unsurprisingly, started out as a joke. If you think about for a moment or two, every prank or trick you have been subjected to on the 1st of April was because of a mere joke that was played on some villagers.
Historians have debated the origins of April Fool’s Day for sometime, but most believe it is dated back to the 16th century when Pope Gregory XIII made it a royal decree that New Years Day was to be celebrated on Jan. 1 and not April 1, which was from the Julian calendar.
As the legend goes, some desolate villagers either failed to receive the message or had forgotten it and, instead, continued to celebrate New Years Day much later than everyone else.
They became a good laugh for everyone else as they attempted to find out what else the villagers would be gullible towards. Every year around the same time in April, the villagers would undergo whatever prank or cruel joke was being thrown at them and eventually a holiday was born.
It is interesting to see that, what started out as a foolish antic has carried over into a variety of cultures giving birth to a whole new holiday we call loathe to see on the calendar.

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