Why to Invest in Canada Goose: 6 Things to Know

Canada Goose went public on March 16th, 2017 and there is a lot of interest around the company that makes possibly the warmest jackets on the market.


Canada Goose Inc. is mostly popular in the US and Canada, but it’s become such a staple outwear for not only explorers of Antarctica but really for people who just want to feel warm. The compounded growth over the period of three years has grown 38% and EBITDA has grown 85%. After making $291 million in revenue in 2016, the company went public on New York and Toronto stock exchanges on March 16th. (NYSE:GOOS)


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Canada Goose jackets were originally designed for polar expeditions but ever since celebs started wearing them on sets, promoting the warmth of the jacket on social media, and even wearing it on a cover of magazines – regular folk followed course. For example, Kate Upton wore bikini and a jacket as she posed for the Sports Illustrated in Antarctica.


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The biggest revenue comes from parkas, but the company is planning on expanding three season product assortment. They are planning to expand to knitwear, fleece, footwear, travel gear and bedding. Now there are different colors, designs and warmth levels to choose from.


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Not even the protesters against killing coyotes are in a way of Canada Goose success. According to Fur Institue of Canada, “Coyotes are abundant in Canada” and provide social and economic growth for Canadians. “Trapping of coyotes in Canada of any nature must adhere to the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards”.


The company is planning to expand to other markets besides Eastern US and Canada. E-commerce was opened in September 2015 and the first store in NY was opened in November 2016, though Bloomingdales was one of the retailers selling the jackets before that.


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The cost of the jackets vary from $600 and $1,275. Some might say it’s way too much to spend on a jacket but it’s an investment, you’ll wear it for about three years and will never feel cold in winter. The quality of the jacket is on the next level and the company promises to maintain that quality. There might be some counterfeits but that just shows you how huge and successful the company is. Nobody would want to make a fake “mom and pop” sweater.

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