Edun Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Show: Review & Looks

Edun is a brand that mixes contemporary fashion styles with African influences to create a style that is unique yet relatable at the same time. The use of African artisans only deepens the connection to Africa itself. This socially conscious brand holds true to its core values and maintains a style that is on trend with today’s fashion.

Many of the looks from the Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion show use zippers as a way to transform the look. Slits in skirts can be minimized or maximized with the use of zippers to create two extremely different looks. These zippers also contrast nicely against black wide-legged pants to add modern style to a vintage silhouette.

Over-sized sweaters, and below the knee skirts add to the vintage aesthetic of the brand. The use of these pieces helps create a commonality among brands, and at the same time makes Edun stand on its own.

When looking at the the collection as a whole it is clear that accessories play a major part in each look. Earrings and bags both help develop each look into something grounded. Wire earrings take on a interesting form that acts as the finishing touch on the looks. The bags from this collection sport beads that are traditional for many African designs, and brings earthly elements to each piece.




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