Givenchy Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Show: Review & Looks

Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director for Givenchy, did great things with this Fall collection that created a blend of the everyday and the extreme. Much of this collection showcases a lot of on-trend pieces that has a certain sharpness about them. Beaded embellishments have been added to the traditional women’s pant suits to create something new and bold. The shearling coat has been remixed and edited to sport a tailcoat style cut which creates beautiful lines that are accentuated by the shearling trim.

Vintage style flared pants take on a new look when lace is added to the mix. The addition of lace adds an edge to the look.

Accessories, particularly the bags and necklaces, add a wow factor to an already amazing looks. Bags paired with thick chains and necklaces sporting stones definitely catch the eye of onlookers.

Many pieces from this collection have patterns that incorporate lavender, peach, and other floral colors to add freshness to a solid look. Mixing highs and lows creates a complexity that shows how artistic Tisci is with his work.


givenchy pre-fall 2017-14

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