Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Show Review

The Power In The Femme

The Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Show displayed all things that convey the elegant French woman that has been created by this fashion house. Blending structured lines with light-hearted colors creates a well needed balance in the fashion world. Guillaume Henry, the current Creative Director for Nina Ricci, continues to showcase the power of all things feminine.

Two words that come to mind when recalling the looks from this show would be Big & Plush. Henry created strong lines in his pieces that created a boldness in the overall look, and by pairing those lines with softer colors created a duality in the his show.


Many belts were displayed with looks from the show. The belts sported different colors, lengths, and textures which added another layer of complexity to this runway show. The looks become more sharpened with the addition of a belt.

06-ninaricci-pre-fall-17 15-ninaricci-pre-fall-17

Flowy silhouettes partnered with heavy colors like stone, violet, and black work in harmony with each other to become the new-age woman with traditional values.

The use of different materials like leather, silk, and fur only add to the many layers of the woman created by Henry.


04-ninaricci-pre-fall-173 21-ninaricci-pre-fall-17

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