Coach 1941 Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show Review

Coach 1941 Hones In On the Americana Vibe With This Collection

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Staurt Vevers, Creative Director for Coach 1941, hit the nail on the head when making this American brand capitalize on the rogue Americana concept. Some of the pieces in this collection were free-flowing almost sheer dresses decorated with prairie roses that played to the set-up of the runway, which was decorated with sand and tumbleweeds.

Shearling jackets and patchwork denim played an essential role in the magic of this collection. Many of the jackets are unique in design and sport multi-colored leathers and the use of shearling adds softness to these edgy leathers.

Much of the collections colors played to the environment. Dusty yellows, sand, and burnt oranges kept the collection grounded. Accessories like hats were an unexpected gem in the collection, and many of the hats used furs  that blended with the colors of the set.

Check out some of the best looks from the collection below:

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