Versus Versace Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Show

The Versus Versace ready-to-wear fall 2017 collection makes a bold entry. Sharp eyeliner and tasseled hair accompanies edgy looks for both men and women in this season’s show.

Versace’s show was full of dark colors. Burgundy and navy blue made a big statement with models dressed in the hues from head-to-toe. Contrasting the darker shades, a few outfits with pink and blue neon made its own debut.

Metallic details held the entire show together. Whether it was multiple silver zippers in one outfit or a bold purse in hand, each outfit held its personal statement.

The Hadid sisters helped make the show a memorable one. Gigi Hadid opened the show with a grunge-inspired black dress and lace-up boots. Her sister Bella, closed the show with a fur crop top, high-slit skirt and a pair of glitzy earrings to match.

Overall, the show captured many of the trends so many fashion gurus have been noticing the past several weeks. Versace doesn’t disappoint with their modern, trendy approach several know the design house for.

See the top looks below.













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