Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Show Review

Check Out Victoria Beckham’s 2017 Fall/Winter Collection

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Victoria Beckham’s fashion show for this NYFW created a multifaceted woman that is comfortable in her clothes, while remaining chic at the same time. The collection displayed a tailored and polished look that did not constrain the woman. The masculine styled blazers were paired with chiffon skirts that created a more dynamic modern woman.

The use of boots and gloves in this collection helped ground some of the looks that were a bit softer because of the way they were styled.

Majority of the colors used for this collection were darker tones, and they were paired with ivories, yellows, and taupe’s which kept the look balanced.

The collection as a whole developed the already strong image of the woman that Victoria Beckham has created, and added a number of new elements to create a positive image of the woman.

Check out some of the best looks from the collection below:


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