Thom Browne Makes Skirts and Dresses Masculine for Spring 2018

Marc Jacobs was one of the first men to break fashion gender norms, sporting that infamous black lace dress at the 2012 Met Gala. The most recent designer to showcase the man dress is Thom Browne.

For Spring 2018, Browne took the classic suit and reinterpreted it into tailored skirts and dresses for men.

Grey wool dresses, pleated skirts, fitted blazers and double-breasted maxi blazers graced the chiseled models for a school-boy-meets-school-girl look.

More than 10 years ago, when Browne collaborated with Brooks Brothers, the company’s CEO Claudio del Vecchio praised Browne for his creative eye and his ability to “foreshadow the market.” Brooks Brothers is also the first company to release the men’s suit for the ready-to-wear sector.

Browne is definitely paving the path for a future of genderless fashion.

“I think it looks amazing,” he said. It takes somebody with a lot of confidence to wear it, but I just feel like, why can’t this be men’s clothes, too?”

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