Chanel Fashion Show Review: Metiers d’Art Paris 2017-2018

Check out the review of Chanel Metiers d’Art Paris 2017/2018 that took place in Hamburg, Germany.

For the first time Chanel showcased his collection in Hamburg, Germany from where Karl Lagerfeld is from.

The collection was inspired by the German life in the sixties. You can see double-breasted wool coats, three piece suits.

I love the knitted leg warmers and how they were styled with the oversized sweaters. Makes the model looks very cool and comfortable at the same time.

I like how Lagerfeld made the jackets longer so they could be worn as dressed styled with either black or white tights.

Not only models wore leg warmers but arm warmers as well. Very cool accessory.

The wide legged cropped pant – not a fan, looks messy.

Interesting how some looks, there is about 10 colors mixed and matched, stripes, squares but they all work.

I like this sequin skirt with the wool jacket. Looks pretty edgy.

Chanel doesn’t make a lot of leather clothes but these leather jackets are pretty cool.
The shoes with bows are very 60’s.

Love some of the asymmetrical looks, the mix of sequel, wool – very modern with a twist of 60’s.

Some of the looks are very 60’s, just like from the old German movie.

There were lots of layers, some worked, some didn’t.

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