Katy Perry’s New Video For The Single Chained To the Rhythm Inspires Us To Wake Up

The Music Video Brings Light To The World We Live In

Katy Perry is no stranger to creating music videos that inspire and tell a story that her fans are more than willing to listen to on repeat. She uses an amusement park as her stage to display how easy it can be to just follow the crowd.

The protagonist of the video is Katy Perry who is decked out in a futuristic Pleasantville style ensemble, which allows her to blend with the rest of the crowd. She begins her journey through the with smiles and laughter, but the longer she stays in there the more she begins to realize that no one really being an individual. The idea of conforming goes great with the title “Chained To the Rhythm” because once someone is chained to something it is almost impossible to break free.

At the end of the video Perry is running on a hamster wheel, and is sadly staying in one place. She then stops running this pointless race and realizes that she has been blind to everything around her.

The video comes as an obvious sign of growth for Katy Perry and her artistry, but it still holds true to her colorful fun-filled world that is reminiscent of her Teenage Dream-Era. She is no longer singing about the magical love between tweens, she know shares issues that the world is currently dealing with.

Check out the music video below:

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