Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Us Through 60’s With Vogue

Parker Shares Some of The Stand-Out’s For Vogue During the 1960’s

Vogue has been a fashion stronghold for decade’s and now that they have reached their 125th anniversary they have decided to take a look back at where they came from. The title for this series is “Five Points” and it dives into each decade of the magazine’s publication. Each video is narrated by the fashion-savy Sarah Jessica Parker, and she shares some of the monumental moments during the decade dealing not only with fashion, but the world as a whole.

The “Swinging-Sixties” as it is titled introduced a new type of fashion that was freer than what women have become accustomed to. Shorter length skirts, and wider cuts played to the revolution of the youth explosion. The youth quakers brought fashion icons like Bridget Bardot to the limelight, capitalizing on the big hair, wide eyes, and the youthful spirit.

Later in the video Parker begins to speak about the expansion of our universe, and how the fashion world expanded as well. Designers began to look outside of what was in the grasp, and began to look to the stars to gather inspiration. The models during this decade would be dressed in more futuristic styles that Vogue displayed quite heavily.

The 1960’s can be considered an era of experimentation and new discovery. The fact that artist today still can draw inspiration from the 60’s shows that it was a pivotal time for fashion. As many of us know fashion tends to repeat itself all while being fresh and portraying something new.

Check out the video below:

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