Karlie Kloss Reveals Her Best Beauty Secrets

Karlie Kloss Opens Up About Her Beauty Secrets

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The new face of Good Girl, Carolina Herrera’s new fragrance, is none other than the beloved Karlie Kloss. Currently celebrating this new success, Kloss opened up about her beauty secrets and current obsessions.

Kloss’s current hair obsession is what she describes as “French hair.” Kloss explains how to achieve the perfect bedhead-going to bed with slightly damp hair and using dry shampoo in the morning. She then goes on to explain her pale, pink colored nails or what she refers to them as “ballet slipper colored” nails.  Kloss explains how she keeps her nails clean and simple to achieve the ultimate nail look.

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The young model continued to reveal that she is obsessed with French pharmacies. Kloss purchases health and facial products from all over the world. Her favorite creams, cleansers, and oils, come from pharmacies in Paris. An oil that Kloss particularly loves along with half the women population in the United States, is coconut or argan oil. Applied to cuticles, skin, and hair, Kloss is obsessed with the natural qualities that each product provides for her body. Clearly, Kloss has the ultimate beauty collection we all wish we had. From incredible eyelash curlers in Tokyo to jade rollers from Australia, we all wish our medicine cabinet was this worldly.

To achieve Kloss’s overall beauty, her claim to fame is filling her diet with organic fruits and vegetables, fresh proteins and lots of water. To her, keeping healthy is everything to maintain a healthy face and body, with a little help from a Clarisonic scrub brush. Kloss claims that although she may not know the secrets to flawless skin, she has the secret to a woman’s most desired scent, Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, as we might have expected.

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