Latest Beauty Trend: Cream Lipsticks and Gloss

Matte lips are OVER. Celebs are embracing a juicier pout.

2016 saw the rise of the matte lip trend; solid colored pouts that were shine-free. But as 2017 progresses, everyone seems more interested in achieving a shinier, juicer smile.

While most matte lip color dries to a skin-like finish and won’t budge all day, the formulas can be super drying. Unless you lather a few layers of chapstick before applying them, your poor mouth would look like it aged 20 years by the end of the day. Matte formulas accentuate every line on your lip, and can suck the moisture away from them. It’s also hard to add more layers for a touch-up, as it can start to peel.

While most cream lipsticks and glosses may have to be reapplied throughout the day, there’s no question your lips will remain quenched and full. The shine draws more attention to your pretty pout, and these lipsticks are very easy to layer and blend without peeling. Combine them together for a custom color, or an ombre┬┤effect!

Check out these celebs embracing a creamier pout!



Photo by Theo Wargo
Photo by Theo Wargo

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