How Settings Sprays Can Save Your Makeup

There’s not a worse feeling in the world than spending hours doing your makeup only for the warm summer heat to cause it to fade off or be sweated off. Unfortunately we cannot control the summer heat but we can invest in ways to control our makeup to stay on. A great investment this summer for keeping our makeup on is Urban Decay setting sprays.

The reason that these are so great is because they will keep your foundation, eye makeup, blush, highlight and contour on. These sprays have oil control, temperature control and are paraben free which are all things many look for within beauty products, especially oil and temperature control in the summer. There are three settings sprays for each type of concern and they are de-slick, chill and all nighter.

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De-slick Spray 

The De-slick spray is amazing for those who don’t like a shiny finished look with their makeup, or have oily skin. This spray will help keep your makeup matte and stop your makeup from fading off because of oil in the skin or sweat. It will lock your makeup in and keep you looking like you just finished applying makeup to your face.

Chill Spray 

For those with very normal to dry skin or want a spray of refreshment on, the chill spray is for you. The main focus is to keep the makeup from looking smudged by giving a glow and youthful looking finish to the skin. With the temperature control it will keep the makeup on for atleast 12 hours and the cool mist it sprays on to the face feels amazing especially in a hot day.

All Nighter Spray

Out of the three sprays the longest lasting will be the all nighter, it is specifically made to keep makeup on for 24 hours and keep the makeup in all day. This spray is perfect for those who want to lock their makeup in without looking too Matte, because it’s main purpose is to keep the makeup on all day without looking less-shiny. If you have just done your face to go to work or just an early day out and know you will need your makeup all day and night this spray is for you. No touch-ups needed.

How to apply

Applying these settings sprays is super easy. After doing your full face look for the day close your eyes and spray atleast 15 inches from the face in an “X” motion and let the makeup set.

Urban Decay setting sprays are available for purchase for $31 at the Urban Decay website or in retailers such as Sephora and Ulta beauty.

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