Salma Hayek Beauty Tip: New Smoothie Facial with Juice Generation

People across the country can now join in on Salma Hayek’s organic beauty routine-an edible facial!

Salma Hayek recently teamed up with Juice Generation to launch the new Blend It Yourself Program. The new product gives customers the choice to either make a delicious smoothie or create their very own refreshing facial.

According to Eric Helms, the founder of Juice Generation, prepping the organic drink can be done in a few simple steps. “We’ve done all the cutting, all the prepping, all the portioning. All you have to do is add your liquid of choice, blend it for a few seconds, pour it back in your cup and enjoy.”

In an interview with People, Hayek explains how the facial’s effects can be felt as soon as you apply it. “I recommend that when you put it on, massage, massage, massage. You’re going to feel how it tightens and activates the circulation,” Hayek said.

Aside from the 11 flavors that the smoothie comes in, Hayek created 3 special flavors that can used as a facial mask. The flavors include Aloe Greens, Papaya Avocado, and Watermelon Hibiscus. A fan brush for application also comes with each smoothie.

Aloe Greens is a blend of aloe vera, cucumber, kale and spinach. The smoothie also uses pear which provides sweetness. However, the most interesting ingredient is nopal cactus!

For an exfoliating scrub, customers can buy the Papaya Avocado smoothie. This flavor includes, avocado, papaya, Meyer lemon, and pumpkin seeds. The seeds give the smoothie texture allowing for it to be used a hydrating scrub.

The last flavor, Watermelon Hibiscus, “is the best one to take away inflammation, and also if you have sensitive skin,” Hayek said. The smoothie is made up of blueberries, watermelon, and frozen cubes of rose water, calendula and hibiscus which Hayek calls “superhero cubes.”

These at home organic facials sell for $9 a cup or $54 for a package of 6.

Watch Salma Hayek try out the new beauty product here:

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