Jennifer Aniston New Fragrance: Where to Buy

Jennifer Aniston just launched her fifth fragrance Luxe!

The newest addition to Aniston’s perfume line is quite distinct from her previous four. “The others were all a little bit more of a California beach girl vibe, [so] I wanted to go in a more sensual direction, because I hadn’t really done that before,” Aniston told PeopleStyle.

Aniston released her first fragrance in 2011 naming it Jennifer Aniston. Later came the perfumes J by Jennifer Aniston in 2014, Near Dusk in 2015, and Beachscape in 2016.

Luxe includes a combination of sage and bergamot, a citrus fruit, along with jasmine and patchouli which is a plant from the mint family.

The 48-year-old actress shared with PeopleStyle that she currently uses her latest fragrance Luxe, but I always go back to my original, very first fragrance, which I am partial to.”

To sample her different fragrances, Aniston turns to her husband, Justin Theoux, and her friends who often smell her latest creations.

“I think it’s interesting that a perfume will smell different on one arm to another arm and also who sort of responds to certain ones. You are trying to satisfy a wide range which is a little challenging.”

Photo: Elizabeth Arden

According to Aniston, she prefers to spray her perfume in the air and walk through it rather than spraying it directly on her skin. She strives to have a “hint” of scent instead of an exaggerated smell.

Perhaps next summer Aniston will come back with a brand new fragrance! You can purchase her current fragrance, Luxe, for $39 at Kohl’s.


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