Generic Beauty Products? Pssh That’s So Yesterday

Beauty brands you may not know, but need to get NOW!

Hello my darlings!

I know it’s been awhile, but I’m back again with another Stylish Study. Boy does it feel good to be back! I was sent dozens of products to test out, and I cannot wait to tell you all about ’em. I recently started college now, and life has been a roller coaster ever since. I’ve experienced so many new things in the fashion world, I cannot get enough of it!

But of course, Urban and Stylish is a peice of the fashion world that I hold very dear to my heart and will forever remember. Now that’s enough mush for one day, let me introduce to you beauty products that you will simply die for! If I fell in love with them, I have a feeling you will too.

Duri Nail Polish

Duri nail polish is a brand of nail polish that may not be as known as Essie or Sally Hansen, but it’s a brand definitely worth noting. I have used Duri Nail Polish for a few months now, and I absolutely love it. The colors are vibrant, chic and the drying time is under ten minutes!


That’s one thing I’ve always hated about nail polish, the drying time. The great thing about Duri brand nail polish is it dries relatively fast and as a unique eggshell shine. The one negative aspect about Duri nail polish is that with the lighter colors, you need to apply two coats to each nail to solidify the color. For example, one of my favorite colors that I was sent is called “Iced Roses,” and only one application leaves the color appearing see-through and dull. Therefore, multiple coats of polish must be applied.


Other than that, I highly recommend Duri nail polish to anyone willing to venture outside the generic Essie or Sally Hansen parameters. It’s a quick drying, vibrant nail polish that is sure to add a whole nother element to anyone’s outfit. And by applying the Super Fast Dry Through Miracote Top Coat and the Herbatherpay Cuticle Treatment, your nails will not only be looking salon worthy, but they will be diamond hard too.


Jontéblu brand makeup considers themselves to be “a high-performance cosmetics line designed to achieve and accentuate any desired makeup application with flawless perfection,” and that is exactly the experience I had when using Jontéblu. I love makeup, but with most makeup brands that I’ve tried out, pigmentation has been an issue, especially with eye products that I’ve used.


So far, Jontéblu has been the only makeup brand that not only guarantees potent pigmentation, but is legitimate. So many times makeup brands promote how their makeup is “heavily pigmented” and then when the consumer wears it, it comes off in a few hours, requires multiple applications, or the coloring is dull. With the Jontéblu products that I’ve used over the past few months, the brand has proven time and time again that they are what they say they are.

My favorite products from this incredible brand are the Jontéblu waterproof eyeliner pencil and the Jontéblu automatic eyebrow pencil. The waterproof eyeliner is the most pigmented eyeliner I’ve ever used and requires only one application to achieve its jet black color. The liner itself goes on very easily and is smooth. It’s not pointy or uncomfortable in anyway, which is something I really appreciate about this makeup product.

Lip liners and Eyeliners. What do you want?

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The eyebrow pencil effectivity is nearly identical to the effectivity of the eyeliner pencil. The liner goes on smooth and only required one light application to the brows. One aspect I really like about this pencil, is that the liner itself has a slanted edge to make it easier to apply to the brow and cater to the natural shape of the brow. The retractable twister is a nifty way to gain access to the liner and keeps the liner safe to prevent breakage of the delicate ink. The angled shape of the liner along with the soft spooly allows for perfectly sculpted brows that look so sharp, they look like they could cut.


Overall, Jontéblu brand makeup is a makeup brand that I continue to use as my “full time” makeup. I continue to purchase the brand’s amazing products because it saves the amount of makeup I use due to the pigmentivity, saves me money, and looks absolutely stunning with every application.

L.A Splash Cosmetics

L.A Splash Cosmetics creates products to give any woman an edge. I was sent about twenty matte lipsticks to review and I loved testing them out! Over the few months I had to test each one out, I was able to add intensity to any outfit.

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One thing that I really loved about L.A Splash liquid-to-matte lipsticks, was the container the company’s lipsticks came in. The tube is a black tinted, gem cut container, with a black flowered top finished off with a red gem. I love this look because it gives the lipstick a edgy, gothic appearance. The lipstick looks very intricate and expensive, which I love because when I pull it out of my purse, people always comment on how cool the tube looks.

Malevolent Minx collection ???? photo : @recycledstardust

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The matte lipstick itself goes on like butter. It’s very smooth and easy to apply since it starts off as liquid and dries matte. My favorite lipstick that I tested from L.A, was 992 Conjure. It’s a deep purple color that I wear with my tinted purple, black jeans. The purple shows up very nicely and has a sort of metallic tint to it that really makes the color pop on the lips.

Although I fell in love with L.A Splash matte lipsticks, there are some negative aspects associated with this product. I did not like that an hour or so after application, the lipstick flaked off onto my teeth and around my lips. I also didn’t like that it dried out my lips more than most matte lipsticks do. I found I couldn’t wear this brand of matte lipstick every day because my lips would become very chapped and the skin on my lips would peel off.

Other than these minor aspects, I love wearing L.A Splash liquid-to-matte lipsticks! The colors are unique and vibrant. They certainly add an edge to any outfit and make any woman look intense and confident in her skin.

@vemakeup713 wearing “Fallen” from our #wickedlydivine collection ????????????????????

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Novalash Cosmetics

Novalash Cosmetics is known for their healthy eyelash extension systems. The company prides itself on pharmaceutical grade lash glues and its wide range of styles, textures, and colors. Novalash also has an impressive line of eye makeup and brushes that are highly praised also.


I tested out Novalash’s 24 hour cream shadow triptych which includes three shades of cream eyeshadow, an application brush, and a jet black eyeliner pencil. My eyeshadow box was the Black Eyes of Paradise set.


Now, I’ve never used cream eyeshadow before and found it to be extremely difficult to get the results that I wanted. The colors didn’t blend well on my eye and looked very segmented. Using a blending brush didn’t help and mixed the colors instead of blending them. As a result, I ended up with grey eyeshadow instead of a subtle smokey eye look.

The one thing I did enjoy about the Novalash 24 hour cream shadow triptych was the eyeliner that came in my box. The liner was the smoothest eyeliner that I’ve ever used on my eyes. It went on very easily and only needed one application to achieve jet black lines. I would highly recommend using Novalash eyeliner, but if a consumer doesn’t know how to apply cream eyeshadow correctly, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a 24 hour cream shadow triptych. I found it very difficult to use, and the result was a mix of all three shadow colors rather than a gradual blend.   

Runway Rogue

Runway Rogue is a cosmetic brand that specializes in high end lipsticks including matte, satin, pearl and lip paint. I was sent two colors to test out, Head Over Heels, and Fashionista matte lipsticks.


I had a very positive experience using both lipsticks. You can easily tell after usage, that these lipsticks are high end and are good quality. My favorite color out of the two is Head Over Heels just because I like darker lipsticks that are subtle. Fashionista is a beautiful color as well, but it’s a little too “showy” for me. It’s a very hot pink color, a color that would be perfect for going out with the girls, going on a date, or parties.


Another thing I really enjoyed about Runway Rogue lipsticks, was the container. The tube is magnetic, so when you slide the cover on and off, the cap gravitates toward the snap that covers the lipstick. It makes it super easy to open and close, and the cap would never come off if the lipstick tube was thrown in a purse or pocket. It’s also nifty if a person didn’t close the cap all the way because the magnetic field automatically closes the tube to prevent drying out the lipstick.

Overall, I really enjoyed using Runway Rogue lip products and would definitely use them again. The products are classy, easy to apply, and last all day without smearing or getting on your teeth. These are great products that every makeup fanatic should definitely try out!  

  Glo Minerals Makeup

Glo Minerals makeup is a natural makeup retailer that strives to provide the purest, most natural makeup that uses natural ingredients and minerals throughout their makeup products. I was able to test Glo Minerals mattifying face and shadow primer, and two types of lipstick (Fixation and Organza).

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The lipsticks were fantastic! Normally I’m not a fan of lipstick that isn’t matte just because non matte lipstick is very difficult to work with during day to day activities such as eating and drinking. It gets everywhere. But after using Glo Minerals lipstick products, I found that I really enjoyed using both colors of lipstick. It went on like butter, and actually moisturizes my lips throughout the day. Normally, lipstick dries out my lips and makes them chapped by the end of the day, but Glo Minerals lipsticks actually moisturize and prevent lips from cracking and peeling. I thought that was a very useful feature that more lipstick brands should incorporate in their products.

Now, the mattifying face primer and shadow primer were not as successful. I would apply the face primer all over my face and add the shadow primer to the lids of my eyes and a little bit close to my brows because sometimes I apply eyeshadow to that area. After application, I found that my foundation and eyeshadow stuck to specific patches of primer that I applied to my face. Therefore, my face looked patchy and two-toned in certain spots. I found that the primer wasn’t as effective as I suspected it to be, and required a lot of blending in once I applied my foundation and eye makeup.

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Overall, I would recommend Glo Minerals lipstick products just because I had the most positive and effective experience using the lipsticks. I continue to use Glo Minerals lipsticks today and love the multitasking components of the lipsticks such its moisturization.

 Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

I have been using Lush face products for years, and I was so honored to have been able to review their products! Lush products are purely organic, handmade cosmetics. Containing all natural ingredients in recyclable containers, Lush products are one of the only cosmetic brands that have clear expiration and refrigeration dates as well as employee stickers which let the customer know who made their product and from what Lush company in the United States it was made.

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Lush sent me three products, Cup O’ Coffee and Mask of Magnaminty face and body masks, and Plum Rain shower gel. I loved and used up all three. My favorite products are definitely the face and body masks. Mask of Magnaminty was a rough scrub for the face and body that has chunks of mint crystals in it that alleviate dead skin from the body. The mint soothes the skin while the crystals scrape off dead skin cells with every scrub. I always used this face mask on mornings when I was super tired because the mint wakes up your skin because it gives your body and face a “cooling” sensation that really wakes you up. Cup O’ Coffee is a face scrub that is also perfect for morning showers because it’s a little less intense scrubbing wise than Mask of Magnaminty. This face mask really smoothes your face and skin so that it’s baby soft. My favorite thing about Cup O’ Coffee is the coffee smell. I loved showering in the morning and using it because the coffee smell is so calming and makes mornings enjoyable. I’m a total night owl, but using Cup O’ Coffee in the mornings temporarily made me a morning person because it made my morning showers just that much better.


The Plum Rain shower gel was another Lush product that I loved using as well. I’m not much of a shower gel person, but I loved Plum Rain’s prominent fruity smell that literally stayed on your skin for hours after usage. It’s not like other shower gels that only stay on your skin when you are showering or shortly after direct usage. Plum Rain stays on for a good portion of the day and acts as a good body perfume. It was an easy and fun way to smell fabulous.


Lush products are the best body and face products that I’ve ever used, and I continue to use them everyday. All my friends use them and continue to love Lush products. I would highly recommend Lush to everyone and anyone, because it’s the best organic and natural brand of products that not only leave the user smelling amazing, but effectively cleanse the body and face leaving a smooth, healthy glow.  


Kryolan Professional Makeup

Kryolan is a professional makeup brand that strives to produce makeup that is long lasting, comfortable to wear, and glows in HD lighting and filming conditions. For the two months that I’ve used and tested Kryolan products, I can happily say that this makeup is of the highest quality, especially the brand’s eyeshadows. Kryolan lipstick slides right onto the lips, stays on for hours, and is one of the best shining lipsticks and glosses that I’ve ever used.


Now, Kryolan sent me multiple canister eyeshadows and a palette that is simply to die for! Kryolan eyeshadows are the softest shadows that I’ve ever used, and each color slides onto the eyelid brightly with one application. Normally with eyeshadows, it takes multiple applications and requires the user to pack the color onto the eyelid, but Kryolan eye makeup only requires one application to achieve potency. I would apply this eyeshadow to my lids before class because it was so quick to apply and I didn’t need to apply it more than once. It saves a lot of time, not to mention makeup money.


The colors of Kryolan shadow range from bright colors to tasteful nudes and naturals. My favorite Kryolan eyeshadow color is their Aubergine palette color. The color is a mix of red and brown and can be worn both casually and professionally. This color matches with any outfit and looks stunning on any skin tone. It blends beautifully with Maroon or Timber from the palette. Not to mention, the packaging of Kryolan products appear minimalistic, encased in silver mirrored plastic and clear silver capped canisters for eyeshadows. For other Kryolan products, lipsticks are encased in classy, clear tubes so the user can see the vibrant colors and capped off with silver caps, or in navy blue squeeze tubes that are geometric in shape.


Kryolan Professional makeup products are worth the money. This makeup appears great on cameras and presents beautifully under bright, florescent lighting. This brand is professional and accommodating. You get exactly what you pay for, which is an aspect that’s very hard to find with many makeup products.

The Nail Superstore

The Nail Superstore is best known for their acrylic nail systems and artisan dippers. But most people don’t expose themselves to the other products that The Nail Superstore has to offer.


So I decided to try out The Nail Superstore’s Artisan StickBase and Ultra Shine Top Coat. Normally for top coats, I buy a five dollar top coat that goops onto my nails and fails to prevent my nails from chipping for the next couple days. And I have never used a base coat ever in all my years of nail painting. It was a new change of pace to have a good quality top coat that actually made my nails shine, and to have a base coat underneath. I really liked how my nails turned out after I used each product. My nails looked like I got them done at a salon because the shine was high quality! With the base coat, I noticed that my nail color stayed on longer when I used it, and didn’t chip as easily. Usually when I would paint my nails, my nails would chip within the next two or three days after I painted them and it would get so annoying. With increased longevity and anti chipping technology, these nail polishes and I became best friends. I was very happy with my nail results and the effectivity of both the StickBase and Ultra Shine Top Coat. I continue to use both products and ordered more because I absolutely love these products! I’m telling you, The Nail Superstore is the way to go to purchase all your nail products and care items.  


See ladies, I told you I wasn’t kidding. These products are totally worth the money, even if you are a broke college student like me. Ya gotta keep looking fabulous am I right? And these beauty products help mold any woman into the woman they are meant to be. Makeup keeps us looking sassy and classy, so why not use good makeup to help us accomplish this?

Love y’all






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