Le Volume de Chanel Mascara: Reviews from Different Sources

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara is an innovative, high-precision mascara that achieves thicker-looking lashes because of the natural waxes that deliver instant volume. The mascara brush combines long and short bristles that have an eye-opening effect.

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Conclusive Review:
Most of the users love the mascara but because it is fast drying, it also dries out fast (within 3-4 months). Users do agree that it’s a great mascara for adding some volume but if you don’t wait long enough it clumps up.

Overall: 4.5/5

Some of the reviews we’ve seen online:

Still the best for volume, best brush, application, etc., the Noir color is perfection. Chanel Le Volume continues to deliver. I have tried almost every US high or low end mascaras, and Le Volume is very close to “10” on the scale 1/10.
Make sure you set aside a few extra minutes after you apply the product to dry or before applying lower lashes. This product needs just a little extra time to dry while you are getting ready in the morning. The formula is great and imo performs better if I take time to let it dry & then IT IS GOOD TO GO! The mascara has only gotten better consistently over the years. One star taken off as it would be Ideal if the product dried more quickly, but if that’s my only negative I will deal with that.

I got a small sample of this from chanel when I ordered a fragrance. I like the type of wand it has, it’s the short spikey kind. It adds a lot of volume and decent amount of length. And dosent take a whole lot to acieve a desirable effect. Im pretty heavy handed with the mascara, because I don’t use falsies. I haven’t had any flaking, but occasionally a bit of it transferred around my eyes. I am slightly oily though, and this happens with most mascaras. It’s very black too. I really like it. And for chanel, it’s a pretty average price for mascara! I’m considering purchasing the full size, but I want to try bad gal lash from benefit too. I use roller lash, and keep getting it on sale at Ulta so it’s what I’m sticking with until my new bottle is gone. Definitely a good buy.

I so wanted to love this mascara – like all the other 200+ 5 star reviewers! For me this expensive mascara was a gooey, clumpy mess! I have average lashes and one coat of this mascara and they were spider legs, two coats and I looked like a televangelist during fund raising! I could not get this off fast enough – then I was on to the internet to see if there was some special application trick to make this work. I found no special application methods and gave the mascara a go again; same results – spider legs clumps of black goo! I removed excess mascara off the brush, i combed my lashes, i was light handed – I did everything right, no joy. I will say tho – the color 10 Noir is the blackest black, so beautiful!

I have tried so many mascaras; it’s ridiculous! I keep going back to Le Volume. I have sparse lashes that are not overly long. This mascara wand is a nice comfortable length and the bristles seem to catch every lash with just a little wiggle and swoop.. It can easily build several coats. I’m not sure why I keep experimenting with other brands and I sure hope they never discontinue my tried and true!

This mascara clumps. Even after talking with rep have not been able to use w/o clumping.

Out of many different brands of mascaras out there, I always find my way back to Chanel LeVolume. It’s a truly great mascara, intense in color, with great formula and a great full brush. Lashes look much longer and fuller with it on. The only minus – it doesn’t seem to last longer than 3-4 months in the tube – it dries up.


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