Becca Kufrin Favorite Mascara: Better Than Sex Mascara Review

“Better Than Sex” mascara is Becca Kufrin (the Bachelorette’s) favorite mascara. In the interview with InStyle, she said:

“After my breakup [with Arie], I learned that it’s always good to have waterproof mascara on hand–with this show, you never know when you’re going to cry…I like a lot of MAC Cosmetics’ waterproof versions, but my absolute favorite mascara is Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’”

Better Than Sex by Too Faced


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  1. Better Than Sex by Too Faced

The mascara creates luscious, curled and dramatic look. You can wear it all day without any smudges. According to The NPD Group, Inc., it’s actually the best selling prestige mascara in the U.S.

Here are some of the reviews and please add yours in the comments!

I wanted to love this mascara. I really did. The packaging is stunning, Too Faced is a great brand, and the name makes me giggle and blush. However, I was very disappointed with this product, especially for the price. The first few applications were lovely, but after maybe a week it was insanely clumpy and messy.

Goes on so great, looks better than any mascara ever.. then it just kind of all falls off and smudges under my eyes. My lashes actually feel bare at the end of the day.

Despite a few bad reviews, I decided to try this mascara. Long story short, I’m glad I did. However, it did take a few uses to get used to the brush and formula. The brush is large and the formula is a bit dry, but it does give a false-eyelash-like effect. It’s my daily mascara now. I would give it five stars, but unfortunately it does tend to flake.

I wear this mascara daily and get asked about it so often I’ve lost count. I have tried and tested so many different mascaras but have never come across one like this. It does more for my eyes than any other mascara ever has.

I was really excited to try this mascara as I had heard good things but it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I find that my lashes get thick and long ONLY if I use a second mascara wand that is much finer detail. This wand seriously clumps my lashes together, as if I pinched my lashes together with my fingers.

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