Tatcha Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment Review

Tatcha has created a beautiful tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment that hydrates and reduces dark circles, dullness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment is both refreshing and moisturizing as well as creating a rested look all day.

The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment


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  1. The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment

The conclusion is:
The idea of creating something like a mix of moisturizer and a highlighter is great but it doesn’t give enough coverage.

Score: 3.7/5

Rice Grain amount is the key. This product only requires that you apply a tiny bit. Any more would be too much. So far it has worn beautifully, without settling into lines. But, if you use full coverage foundation, a heavy concealer, and “bake” to set it, this is probably not for you.

Hard to blend, not enough coverage as a concealer, not moisturized enough as an eye treatment.

I am a huge Tatcha fan and own practically everything they make- so was awaiting this with eager anticipation. Alas, after trying everything possible to make it work over a 2 week period… I sadly concluded, a product should not make me work this hard. And so back it went.

I’ve just started using this, so I can’t speak to the long-term benefits, but it’s a wonderful concealer and brightener. I found it easy to apply and blend, and you only need a tiny amount so the small size of this will last a really long time. Like all Tatcha products I’ve used, this is another winner – I’ll keep using as my daily concealer.

Since I am a fan of Tatcha, especially their skincare, I decided to give this product a whirl for my very deep under eye circles. This just did not work at all for me. The color is perfect, I have medium/tan skin, but it was too dry, not enough coverage, very difficult to blend. I tried many different ways to get this to work, but it just didn’t. I suggest trying this on before buying. This puppy is going back!

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