Tracee Ellis Ross: Movies, Interviews, Awards

Tracee Ellis Ross an actress, host, model, comedian, mostly known for Girlfriends and Black-ish.

Her mother is Diana Ross but she said that growing up she wanted everyone to know that she was Bob Ellis’ daughter, saying that her personality and comedy instincts come from her father: “I’m so much like my dad”.

Tracee Ellis Ross is very close to her mom thou.

Tracee Ellis Ross admits that her mom helped with her career in modeling. She was photographed by Mario Testino and painted by Andy Warhol when she was not even a teen.

Tracee Ellis Ross show business career started when she started modeling.

And that’s when she started finding herself. She enjoyed styling and then went to New York Magazine to work as a contributing fashion editor. Which led her to acting.

The first thing Tracee Ellis Ross auditioned for was the Infinity commercial and got it.

After the encouragement by Spike Lee, she decided to pursue acting.

In 1997, Tracee Ellis Ross hosted The Dish on Lifetime.

In 2000 her acting career took off when she started playing on the show Girlfriends.

Then in 2014 Tracee Ellis Ross started playing in Black-ish, a role that won her a Golden Globe which according to her is her biggest career surprise She keeps her globe in the kitchen

Tracee Ellis Ross speaks French, grew up in New York, Paris and Switzerland and her favorite country to visit is Italy.

Tracee Ellis Ross does a pretty awesome French accent.

Her real middle name is Joy.

And when asked by Vogue, she would describe herself as hashtag #joyful

Tracee Ellis Ross doesn’t drink coffee, eat chocolate or sugar but she’s very big on salt.

This is how Tracee Ellis Ross used to measure if she needed to lose weight or not.

Tracee Ellis Ross likes to stay fit and follows Tracy Anderson Method

Tracee Ellis Ross likes accessories, different headwear, statement necklaces and earrings

Tracee Ellis Ross did like to borrow clothes from her mother. And even though she says her mom’s clothes were very extravagant, Tracee herself love to take fashion risks.

In the interview with Vogue she said, her style icon is her in 17 years.

Her favorite look was her blue Come De Garcon dress she wore to the Met Gala

Tracee Ellis Ross even designed a collection for JC Penny

Tracee Ellis Ross is a motivational speaker, teaching a workshop called: “Tapping Into Your Creative Well”. She’s also involved in a couple of non-profits dedicated to improving life of teens.

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