Angelina Jolie Is Loving Malibu

Angelina Jolie|Anadolu Agency

Angelina Jolie has landed in Malibu and it looks like she’ll be staying for a while.

TMZ reports that although rumors of Jolie’s possible move into Denise Richards’ Hidden Hills home, her team is actually on the hunt for a more spacious and safe Malibu rental.

TMZ was told that the star enjoys the seclusion of Malibu. They believe it might have something to do with the lack of photographers flooding the area, keeps the children away from the drama. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. News has only continued to spill since the split and it’s best to keep the kids in mind in the midst of all this drama.

Jolie is currently holding up in a pretty swank rental with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and insane ocean views. Check out the views seen from this tweet by @TMZ. 

The details of a permanent home will be discussed once she and Brad Pitt finalize the terms of their property split.

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