Lady Gaga ‘Million Reasons’ Music Video

“A look into my life” says Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ music video released yesterday and the entire piece mirrors the emotions within the album.

The video begins with the end of her ‘Perfect Illusion’ music video and takes an interesting turn. It depicts heartache in the most realistic and beautiful way by beginning with this scene. ‘Perfect Illusion’ is this huge party scene when mixed with her song tells a story of a woman escaping into the desert. She tries to get away from what was a perfect illusion of love.

Cut to Million Reasons, as Gaga lays in the desert alone, she takes a deep breath, and cars role in; she’s back in her life, her job, and continuing on as if nothing happened. Yet her black and white scenes reveal something more. We see her in front of a white back drop, on a set, and it’s evident that these are the same scenes depicted in all her promo videos for her album ‘Joanne’. While she sits getting her makeup done, the scenes are in black and white, and we see her just trying to continue on through her heartache. It’s moving and shows a side to this musician that we have yet to see.

Love you sis ❤️

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