Scott Disick New Girlfriend in Miami?

Check out the video of Scott Disick’s very public displays of affection

Scott Disick Spotted with Mystery Woman While Kourtney Vacations with Kids

After going on a family Vacation with his ex Kourtney Kardashian and their three children, Disick has decided to take a little vacation on his own…with a mystery brunette in tow. Despite having just returned from a trip to Costa Rica just the other day, the playboy jetted to Miami upon returning home to California.

After many emotional breakdowns over his and Kourtney’s split on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it seemed Disick was committed to winning his ex back through devotion to his family and good behavior. However, despite attending a family vacation and posting a seemingly admiring photo of Kourtney on his Instagram, it is reported that the self proclaimed ‘Lord Disick’ hasn’t been on his best behavior after all.


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A source told People Magazine that Kourtney initially uninvited her ex from the family vacation after his partying and flirtatious antics with another woman at the recent Sundance Film Festival. Though the two are no longer officially together, the reality star was understandably miffed by her ex’s playboy behavior after all his claims of wanting to be with only her.

Disick could once again only behave for so long, as his trip to Miami with an unidentified woman was very public and very affectionate. Footage shows ‘Lord Disick’ holding the woman close while hanging out in the pool, drinking and smoking. The two were also spotted on the beach, where Disick couldn’t take his eyes off the mystery woman as she cheekily danced in front of him while checking her phone.

Surely no one can find this behavior surprising, as Disick has made no effort to hide his PDA with numerous mystery women over that past few years. Though considering the reality star’s supposed torment over his breakup with the eldest Kardashian, one would think he would avoid such displays. Strikingly similar footage of Disick snuggling with his ex Chloe Bartoli in St. Tropez was the breaking point for Kourtney Kardashian, causing her to leave him for good in July 2015. While the two continue to co parent their three children, now more than ever the prospect of a reunion seems dubious.

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