The Late Show: Stephen Colbert on Trump’s First Week

First show of the Trump administration and Stephen Colbert has a lot to talk about.

“We’ve really missed you guys. We’ve been off the air for the last 7… years, it feels like.”

Colbert took the time to really go through everything that’s happened these past few days. All those pent up comments of the current administration made for an incredible monologue. Colbert said, “You gotta give the guy credit. He can really get a lot of stuff undone. From Obamacare to climate change to torture, he’s already moved the country back to 2004. If this keeps up, pretty soon I’m gonna launch ‘The Colbert Report,’.

He spoke of Trump’s executive order which restricts entry to the U.S for refugees and travelers from 7 Muslim-majority countries. Also touched on the response of many who came together in protest and the unreal incidents of those who were detained at airports this weekend; which included a 5 year old boy who was being kept from his mother for hours.


And of course, what would a conversation about Trump be without the mention of a tweet:

Colbert couldn’t pass up commenting on Trump’s decision to make Steve Bannon part of the National Security Council. The “Late Show” host had enough when Bannon referred to Trump voters as “working class hobbits”.

Check out his incredible response by watching the entire open below:

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