Tom Brady Gets Emotional Over a 7 Year-Old’s Question

Athlete sheds tears during interview after heartfelt question

Last night, football player Tom Brady answered countless questions from interviewers at Super Bowl LI’s opening night. While many reporters asked typical questions for the event, one young interviewer asked Brady a question that elicited an emotional response from the star. 7-year-old Joseph Perez won a “Kid Reporter” contest to attend the event, and took the opportunity to ask Brady who his hero was. The football player grew emotional as he answered,

“That is a great question. I think my dad is my hero, because he’s someone I look up to every day.”

The real tears came when a reporter continued to ask Brady about his father, questioning him as to whether he agreed with his father’s criticism as to how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell poorly handled the “deflategate” scandal involving Brady himself.

“I’d say my dad represents his feelings, you know, because he’s a dad. And, you know, I’m a dad.”

Now the father of three young children of his own, Brady’s was clearly moved as he understands first hand a father’s feelings towards his children. The football player later elaborated on his feelings about his father.

“He was always someone who supported me in everything I did. To come home at night and bring me out, hit my ground balls and fly balls – I loved baseball growing up.”

See Tom Brady’s heartfelt and tearful response to last night’s questions for yourself in the video below.


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