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ERTH Jewelry: Exclusive Interview with Nicole Trunfio

(Courtesy of: erthjewelry)

Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio, who’s widely known for her trail blazing career in the world of fashion, and who’s graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. At the age of sixteen Trunfio left home to pursue a career in modeling and has since become an all around modern day business woman/entrepreneur. She maintains her modeling career while being a full time mother, wife, and jewelry designer, amongst other things. ERTH Jewelry is Trunfio’s latest passion project. These beautiful collections have already begun to garner the attention of some of fashion’s biggest names.

Models such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Chanel Iman, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have been seen sporting ERTH pieces.

When looking at ERTH Jewelry, we’d say each piece can be defined as timeless and sleek. Trunfio’s line of jewelry is perfect for any young girl or woman who appreciates the significance of pieces that can last a lifetime.

We were given the opportunity to ask Nicole some questions about ERTH Jewelry and everything that’s gone into creating this must have line.

What led you to create this new collection?

It was a very organic process, I have a fine, high jewelry line called Trunfio Universe which is built around the Universe Bracelet and custom engagement rings amongst other pieces, it is quite aspirational and very high end. I decided to create a more accessible, every day line, that is still solid 14k gold, but with a more attainable price point. ERTH pieces are very simple and clean, staples for every jewelry collection, and so timeless you will wear them forever. All in all, ERTH is a high quality fine 14k gold jewelry line (not costume jewelry) that you can sleep in, shower in, swim in…. without the hefty price tag.

Your collection is called ERTH Jewelry, can you tell us a bit about the decision for this name?

The name ERTH derives from the name Universe, as it is a diffusion line, it makes sense and is all a part of a bigger vision and the bigger picture, and it’s only just the beginning. Conceptually, I loved the idea of buildings, basketball ring, and dumpster bins being the ‘earth’s jewelry’, so you will see that come out more in future campaigns. Also, the fact that this line is very simple and accessible, it is not too unattainable for the everyday customer, which is more ‘down to earth’.

Courtesy of Nicole Trunfio

The pieces are distinct from many on the market today. When designing them, where did you draw your inspiration from?

I wanted key jewelry pieces, that were simple and that I could wear with everything on a day to day basis. I wanted clean lines and iconic pieces that would last in my jewelry box forever. I don’t follow trends too much and I love the idea of classic pieces that are timeless, that you never look back at and say, “My Gosh, what was I thinking with that one.” It was a common thread with friends of mine and women in my community, so I decided to design a line for the everyday woman.

On the Instagram account created for your pieces it states, “simplicity revisited” (which we love). It’s something that seems to be evident throughout the entirety of the collection. Why take the simplistic route?

Simplicity revisited for me is key, I feel like there are not many brands out there that focus on perfecting simplicity, and that is what we are all about. There are some designers that do, that I really admire and love, and draw inspiration from their business model. Simple, key pieces, that are timeless and iconic, high quality gold metal that will never wear….at very attainable prices. I want people to invest in real jewelry instead of buying costume jewelry that will wear and break in little time. I want women to know you can have beautiful real gold jewelry that is attainable.

Courtesy of Nicole Trunfio

We see more of simplicity present within the stunning lookbook you provide on the ERTH jewelry site. What was it like to shoot these photos of yourself in your own collection?

I love collaborating with a team on the photoshoots. The first one we shot in Texas with my good friend Harper Smith at her ranch. We also incorporated some pieces of clothing from my friends at Understated Leather. Art and creativity has always been more of a fun experience when there is collaboration involved. We can learn and grow so much from those around us, and the more we give, the more we get back.

All of ERTH Jewelry’s pieces look like must haves, but if you had to choose the top 3 no girl should live without, which would you choose?

Definitely the plate necklace. That’s a long time keeper and every woman should have one. We have every size gold hoop you can imagine, and at a GREAT price, so definitely your favorite pair of hoops, and my personal favorite, a diamond or diamante choker. Probably the diamond choker, but the diamante chokers are also so much fun. We are also about to launch more of the suede and 14k chokers which are epic.

Moving forward, do you have any upcoming plans for your collection this year?
Yes! We have 2 new collections about to launch, we did a collaboration with FWRD which will be out in March! Very excited!

We can’t wait to see the upcoming collections! Head over to to shop the latest must have items.

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