Michael C. Hall Will Star in The Crown as Kennedy

The popular Netflix show will have an episode featuring the First Family’s visit to London

Recently winning top awards at both the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards, the new Netflix original series The Crown has taken off quickly and continues to gain popularity. Now, the show is garnering even more attention as it prepares to incorporate the historic first meeting of the Queen and the First Family of the US that took place in 1961. With the Kennedy family regarded as the closest thing to royalty America has ever seen, this is sure to be an exciting episode that captures the interest of many.

As for who is set to play the famous JFK and Jackie Kennedy, casting directors have chosen Michael C. Hall and Jodi Balfour. Filming has already begun in the UK, and the likeness between the actors and real life counterparts is reportedly striking. A production executive has even shared that after Hall has gone through hair and make up, the resemblance between Hall and JFK is “uncanny.”

The episode is set to be particularly interesting as historically, Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy) did not get along well with the First Lady, and their meeting was a frosty one. Queen Elizabeth was apparently appalled that Jackie Kennedy requested that her divorced and remarried sister, Princess Lee Radziwell attend the state dinner. At the time, Buckingham Palace looked down on divorce and divorcees were not permitted to attend state dinners. Despite the Queen’s angry objections, she eventually gave in.

Curious? Check out the trailer for The Crown below to see Claire Foy as the reigning monarch.

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