Victoria Beckham Talks Fashion, Travel, and Her Customers

Photo by VCG

In wake of her new line with Louis Vuitton, Victoria Beckham sat down with Elle to talk fashion, shopping, and travel.

The designer spoke about her luxury store and the type of people she wants to see shopping in it.

For Beckham, who surprisingly doesn’t shop nearly as often as you’d think, shopping is all about the experience. Anyone is welcome to come in and simply look around.

“…even if you aren’t buying something, come in and appreciate the architecture, see the clothes-anyone is welcome.”

She says this because she knows how it feels to walk into an intimidating boutique and not feel welcome.

“It’s such an old fashioned attitude to make people feel like they’re not good enough for your clothes,” she states, saying her brand feels the opposite.

Photo by Robert Kamau
Photo by Robert Kamau

On her personal fashion choices, which sometimes feature bright pops and clashes of color, Beckham says its all a part of her positive vibes.

“…now’s a time to be positive and optimistic. You can think of these shades as not particularly nice, but that’s why I’m drawn to them. Just to be different.”

Photo by Marc Piasecki
Photo by Marc Piasecki

On traveling and keeping clothes wrinkle-free, Beckham says absolutely don’t invest in a mini-steamer to smooth out your packed clothes.

“Try looking at the content of the cotton and see how much it naturally creases,” she says on how she chooses one of her iconic white shirts to travel with.

She advises packing shirts with as little creasing as you can find. But if your clothes are still coming out of the suitcase wrinkled, Victoria’s got you covered. Just put the clothing near the bathtub and let the shower’s steam do all the work.


Photo by XPX/Star Marx
Photo by XPX/Star Marx

On fashion and family, Beckham admits her and her boys regularly swap out clothes.

“We share t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms,” she says, “Baseball caps and hoodies, those are fair game.”

Beckham’s son Romeo even borrowed her sneakers at one point, before he outgrew them.

Photo by Josiah Kamau
Photo by Josiah Kamau

She also talks about her shoppers, and the inspiration they provide for her work. She chooses to work with retail partners to better understand the wants and needs of the customers. She’ll even ask the customers themselves.

“I’m not shy about asking the customer, because I want to talk about who she is and what she wants from me.”

It’s nice to know that even in the luxurious world of high fashion, designers like Victoria Beckham make the experience worthwhile for any customer.



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