Why Beauty Pageants In Immigrant Communities Are Important In America

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Beauty pageants have been going on for years and the industry is bigger than ever before. Of course, unlike the traditional Miss Universe that we all watched growing up, these new beauty pageants have been transformed and done in a different and more interesting way. Mainstream beauty pageants have been known for competition but the beauty pageants that immigrant communities put together is to celebrate their own culture in America.

“Beauty pageants” is such an American tradition so no wonder the people who arrive here would catch on to the ritual but they bring their own idea of fashion and beauty, making it so much more unique. Photographer Benjamine Rasmussen, traveled to immigrant communities throughout the United States to capture the event and the people whose part of it.

From his work, Rasmussen found 25 of these beauty pageants- from Miss India Florida to Miss Liberia US, Miss Arab USA, to Miss Texas Czech-Slovack. Different communities would have their own ways of celebrating the event but the one thing they all have in common is to celebrate their own culture in America. It was about honoring the countries where their families came from while balancing their Amercian life as well.

You can see Rasmussen portfolio here.

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